Betsy Harris – Surfer, Artist

Betsy Harris is a native Floridian artist, surfer and co-owner at Surf Asylum Surf School. While her summers are spent sharing her love of surfing with others, winter is a time to get some waves of her own and channel creative energy onto paper.

She draws inspiration from the beauty, creativity, grace and strength that she sees in women’s surfing and from the natural wonders found along the shore and in the sea. She strives to create work that embodies the pure stoke one derives from surfing and time playing in the ocean. As in her surfing, she hopes a light hearted, joyful nature permeates through her art and manifests itself as a celebration of a life spent immersed in saltwater.

Outside of surfing she raises her seriously awesome teenage son, the world’s most adorable miniature dachsund and a small plot of vegetables. Her partner, David, is the lucky guy who gets to share in all the fun.

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